TruePath-XPath on click

TruePath a web extension tool, one can easily find XPath in Chrome or Firefox. Using this extension we can dynamically generate the relative XPath, just on the right click of the target element.

Now click on any of the generated XPath, it then shows up a popup to select XPath as shown below.

Agile demands quicker automation script creation and generally, we have a very small window of time to complete the scripting during the sprint.

Using the TruePath Script Generator feature we can quickly create the POM pages by generating the XPath for multiple target elements of a page, and then export the code in Java, Robot, C# & Excel format. This will drastically reduce the effort required for the scripting.

In Agile Development, one of the key challenges is a repetitive change in the front end and back end systems. Due to the repetitive changes, the UI locators become very fragile and our test scripts fail.

TruePath-Locator Analyzer: Upload the existing POM page code written in Java.
TruePath-Locator Analyzer: Upload the existing POM page code written in Java.

TruePath Locator Analyser is the page object locators analyzer of the target page written in Java. Using the TRUEPATH Locator Analyser, we can quickly identify the broken locators of a page without running the scripts proactively and hence will save lots of effort to maintain the scripts. Navigate to the target web page and uploaded the existing POM page code written in java. TP-Locator Analyzer will do the analysis and report the analysis.

TP-Locator analyzer

TruePath Supports:

  • Normal\POM XPath format,
  • XPath in iFrame\Frame,
  • Indexed XPath,
  • Unique XPath,
  • Absolute XPath &
  • DevTool support to create Custom XPath


As always, if you get stuck, ask for help.




Test Automation Enthusiastic.

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Test Automation Enthusiastic.

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