Roadmap To Become Test Automation Architect-2021

The Journey to Become an Automation Architect is difficult and requires a lot of commitment and discipline. We can simplify the journey by categorizing it into 3 milestones in terms of acquiring skill.

Essential: Focus and get mastery on the core areas of the Test Automation.

Learning coding Langage, Automation-Tool, Frameworks & Finaly Web Services using different tool

Essential Skill

Niche: The next stage is to focus on integrating the Automation script to the build deployment & delivery of the product.

Primarily focus on the DevOps and Cloud.

Niche Skill

Other: The final stage is to develop a working knowledge on areas other than the core area to bring value to your delivery and the key areas are

Other Skill

About author Sumit: QA for 15 years and passionate about Test Automation, Service Virtualization, Web service, DevOps & ETL-BI Testing. Currently working for a leading telecom company CenturyLink as an offshore Automation COE lead. Please connect with him on LinkedIn.

Looking to create XPath, Script, and Analysis of the existing automation scripts instantly you can use the web extension tool TruePath.




Test Automation Enthusiastic.

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Test Automation Enthusiastic.

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