Analysis Automation Script in minutes

In the agile world of development, we need to constantly update the scripts to keep in the peace of the development of the application under test.

Most of the time, functional scripts failed as the UI changes very frequently. When the scripts failed, we realize that the existing locators are no longer valid or changed after the analysis of the log.

Using the locator analyzer feature of the TruePath, we can easily figure out the status of the locators of a page and proactively fix them before running any test.

For the TruePath locator analyzer to work, open the target application page. Then open the TruePath locator analyzer by clicking on the TruePath from the browser extension bar as shown below.

Finally, upload the page of the automation script(written POM format). It will analyze the code and the report will be displayed as a popup as follows. Looking at the report you can easily fix the locators.

For now, it supports the scripts written in POM format & java language.

TruePath is a web extension that generates relative XPath, scripts & analyzes code on the click.

TruePath- Chrome

TruePath- FireFox

As always, if you get stuck, ask for help.

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